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The Secret to More R&R is to Track Your Real Rate
Do you know how much an hour of your time is worth?As a virtual business owner, time management is everything.How[...]
How to Be a Productive Freelancer: Defining Your Prime Time
Good time management is essential to your success as a virtual business owner. Earlier in my career, I didn’t know[...]
Client Onboarding: Your Foundation to Success
Start off on the right foot. Create a standard client onboarding and work with confidence. When I was a new[...]
How to Ensure You Get Paid as a VBO
Keep cash flowing in with these helpful tips. You became a virtual business owner to create the life that you[...]
Hiring Other VBOs: Getting it Right
Learn how to build, and retain, your all-star VBO team. As your freelance business grows, the day may come when[...]
Work From A Closet?
Working from home has a lot of benefits, but the threat of distraction is constant. If you work from your[...]
6 Psychological Shortcuts to Yes When Pitching to New Clients
If you can answer these six essential questions, you’ll land new clients with ease.Sales. Some people hate it. Others love[...]
7 Things To Outsource to A Virtual Assistant
In our How to Find Your Virtual Assistant blog, we made the case for why you might want to bring in[...]
VBOs are Hiring Other VBOs
When people think of freelancers, they often picture an independent contractor or a solopreneur striking it out on their own.[...]
Maintain a Healthy Work Life Balance as a Freelancer
You started your work from home business to free yourself from the constraints of traditional employment. You wanted time and autonomy.[...]
How to Find Your Virtual Assistant
Your time is valuable. Maximize it by hiring a virtual assistant.
5 Ways to Land Your First Freelance Client
​So, you’ve developed the skills you need to launch your work from home business, and you’re ready to start working.[...]
Five Freelancing Trends in 2019
I’ve been freelancing for the last four years, but I did a short stint in a traditional job last year[...]
9 Tax Write Offs You Don’t Want to Miss for 2018 Filings
There are a few things that we’re all about here at VBO Nation: increasing personal freedom, reducing stress, and  maximizing earnings.[...]
Six Steps To Make The Transition To Freelancer Easier
The VBO lifestyle is awesome. You can work when you want from the comfort of your own home. You have[...]
Five Minutes to Unlimited Killer Content
Creating a blog is a great way to share your expertise and gain a following. Even if you’ve been running[...]
13 Ways to Land More Clients in 2019
Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Chantel, a fellow VBO who’s passionate about all things content curation and storytelling. Ever[...]
VBOs are Ditching the Big City Life!
I live on the Georgia-Bama border in a small, quiet town called Fort Mitchell. We don’t have a McDonald’s. We’ve[...]