Work From A Closet?

Working from home has a lot of benefits, but the threat of distraction is constant.

If you work from your living room, you’ve probably got a TV there beckoning you away from your tasks. The kitchen table is no better. You may be tempted to take frequent snack breaks, and dirty dishes may steal your attention. Working from home is full of distractions and it's quite easy to lose track of time.

With so many ever-present distractions throughout the home, it can be nearly impossible to actually get any work done.

Every virtual business owner needs a quiet, organized place to be productive.

But when you’re working from home, you’ve got limited real estate. You may live in a small apartment or home without any spare rooms to use as an office space. So you default to the bedroom, the couch, any place you can find to prop up your laptop. But let’s face it, these places just aren’t well suited for work.

Fortunately, there’s an awesome DIY trend that can help work from home freelancers create that much needed work space.

You can create your home office in a spare closet! A closet office is a great option for VBOs with limited space in the home.

Converting a closet into an office is a fun project that’ll allow you to create an organized place that’s out of the way and perfect for work. It’s a great space saver too!

There are plenty of examples online that’ll provide direction for your project.

The Family Handyman and The Happy Housie  each have great articles on the topic with easy-to-follow directions.

To create your closet office, you’ll need shelving, a countertop, drawers, and desktop organizers and accessories. You can get everything you need for about $500 or less, making your closet office a budget-friendly investment. 

Not to mention, you can write off any direct expenses for your home office during tax season. Working from home and owning your own business comes with awesome benefits.

A comfortable, organized workplace is essential to your work-life balance.  

Having a closet office will provide you with your own private work environment that’s free from distractions.

A closet office can be your designated area that’s separated from other spaces in the home, allowing you to be focused and productive every time you’re ready to work. And once you’re done working for the day, you can simply close your closet doors so that no one messes with your stuff. 

If you’re in need of a good place to work from home, look no further than the closet. Go online, get creative and convert your closet into a functional work space that works for you!

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