The Globe Trotting Artist

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One of the VBO’s we’ve worked with since the early days of MarketSense is John Kelly.  An absolutely great guy that lived in LA when we first started working with him.

He’s a super-talented graphics designer with a large agency and national magazine experience.  

One day John says to me, “Tom, I’m taking the family and going to Tahiti for about a month..."

“That’s great,let me know when you get back and I’ll start sending you work again.”  I responded.

John shared with me that although he and his family we going to Tahiti for a month he still wanted me to send him projects to work on.  

It turns out we picked up a new client who needed a nice website created. Working with John in Tahiti, we knocked out the website and some collateral material. John was able to work in the morning and spend the rest of the day with his family on the beach.

A few months later, John decided to visit Paris with his family.  As he and his wife were strolling down the quaint streets, his wife stopped, turned to him and said: “Honey, I want to move here”.  

On the spot, they decided to move there.

He was able to do this without missing a beat with his lucrative VBO business. LOL, but wait, there’s more. John has always had a passion for painting.

When in Paris, he decided to post some of this work at a gallery.  

The response was great. John sold a number of pieces of his art. Today, John has a loyal following of people that love his work and actually hosts receptions at art galleries featuring his work. On so many fronts, John is your quintessential VBO. He’s figured out how to work from anywhere in the world he wants to.  No one tells him what to do or where to do it.

More than that, he’s embraced the Portfolio Strategy and makes money doing what he loves - painting.


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