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PRO Act would devastate my freelance income

Congressman Malinowski’s vote for HR-2474 jeopardizes my ability to support my family. Working as an independent contractor is a choice I have made for my career. It gives me flexibility and choice while still allowing me to earn what I need to get by. Thank you Jessica Rozul for the educational article on TapInto.  

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AB 5 Is Such A Disaster In California, Pelosi And Congressional Democrats Push National Law To Destroy Gig Economy

Katy Grimes shares that California freelance journalists are losing jobs en masse because AB 5 also randomly limits freelance writers and photographers to 35 submissions annually per media outlet. Members of the entertainment industry are seeing jobs cancelled in droves. And even ADA protected industries such as court reporters, captioners, and sign language interpreters, a

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REDMOND: The PRO Act Is Not So Pro-Worker

Among its provisions, the PRO Act would negate right-to-work laws in 27 states that aim to protect workers from being forced to support a union to keep their job. These laws protect basic worker freedom and often drive higher personal income and economic growth. If it became law, the PRO Act would line the pockets

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