Younger Corporate Managers Are Hiring VBOs

Millennials and GenZers are the new managers on the block in corporate America, and their bringing on VBOs like never before.

Good news alert: VBOs are hiring other VBOs, and so are younger managers in corporate America! Business as usual is a thing of the past. Now that younger employees are making rank in corporate America, they’re hiring freelance workers to fill skills gaps in their organizations – zero damns given. Let’s face it, millennials and GenZers are a bit more badass than Baby Boomers, so they’re a lot more likely to go off the beaten path when it comes to hiring new talent. Rather than stick with the traditional approach of hiring a new employee, younger managers opt for accessible on-demand VBOs. Independent research firm Inavero surveyed more than 1,000 hiring managers throughout the U.S. and found that younger managers were 30% more likely to hire freelancers than Boomers.  

The survey also found that younger managers are at least two times more likely than Boomers to have used freelancers and work from home VBOs in the past few years. Younger managers recognize that hiring VBOs helps their organizations to better access special skills, increase productivity and drive cost efficiencies. As you can see, the VBO movement continues to accelerate, and we’re only picking up the pace from here.

If you’re paying attention, you’ll recognize there’s a real opportunity here for VBOs to align their brand with established brands in corporate America. And that’s just another reason why now’s the perfect time to start your freelance career. VBOs should target companies they want to work with and create relationships with key HR people. But keep in mind, you may not need to target the department head. It’s always easier working across the aisle rather than up the ladder. Set your sights on millennials in the department and build relationships from there

If you’re not sure how to start that conversation, no sweat. You know VBO Nation always has you covered with everything you need to make your transition to freelancer easier. This blog is an introduction to an upcoming blog that will hit our site soon: How VBOs Need to Communicate with Corporate America. .

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