Let your clients pay for your vacations, sick pay, and retirement with the RealRate calculator.

  • Immediate: In a matter of minutes you'll know exactly what to charge clients to meet your financial goals and pay for vacations, sick time, and retirement.
  • Powerful: Our Free Guide will give you steps to take to increase your rate with new and existing clients.
  • Rewarding: Make life fun again. Start planning your next vacation. Think about how you are going to reward yourself and live a more balanced life.

What others are saying about RealRate:

My clients are now paying for my vacations...

I never really thought about how to get my clients to pay for my vacations.  With the RealRate calculator and free guide I was able to immediately adjust my rate and start planning my next vacation.

Ali Moore  //  Online Learning Professional

My sick days are now paid thanks for RealRate...

As a Freelancer, I was always nervous about being sick.  I just couldn't afford the down time.  With the help of the RealRate calculator and free guide, I've adjusted my rates to allow for sick time anytime.  This was a game changer!

Marc Milton  //  Data Scientist

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