Don’t Be A Turkey!

Male large turkey walking around

Here’s a quick story for you.

From the day it is born, the turkey is taken care of and fed. 

In the last month before Thanksgiving, the portions actually increase. From the turkey’s perspective, life is good. It has been well taken care of, protected, and fed religiously. If it had to judge its future by what it knows from the past, there would be a 100% confidence level that all was well. After all, they are feeding him more now than they used to. Things just continue to get better!

Until they don’t. An inconvenient truth comes up. It is called Thanksgiving.

Sometimes jobs can be the same way. Things are all good – until they are not. By that time, it is already too late.

You have all your eggs in one basket and it happens: you get the pink slip.

You have no options. You relied on “The Man” to feed you. And he has. Until he doesn’t. You go from 100% employed to having nothing – zero, zilch. That is the risk of having a job.

The economy is shifting.

The number of VBOs is growing at three times the rate of traditional jobs.

By 2027, there will be more VBOs than people with “real jobs”. At some point, you need to ask yourself, “Is a “real job” real?” Taylor Pearson states in his book The End of Jobs that we are definitely at the end. If so, what does that mean for you?

The job market has become an employers’ market. You might have credentials and an education. So does everyone else.

Have you invested years and tons of money into an education?

As we’ve talked about, our entire educational system was designed to prepare us for jobs. What happens when jobs are in the minority and VBOs become the majority? You might want to think about picking up a new skill set – maybe being a VBO? Where are you right now? How secure is that job? Are you feeling a little like that turkey?

Don’t wait until there are no options. Stressing about where you will be in the future of your job is not worth it.

Now that you have a global stage to work with, are you going to implement a different strategy?

Your job seems secure. You get your paychecks. Nothing seems amiss. It’s important to understand that there is no guarantee your job will be there tomorrow.

If you’re concerned about your job’s security, then it’s time to look for new alternatives.


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