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VBO vs Entrepreneur

VBO vs EntrepreneurVBOs are radically different from entrepreneurs. Here’s why. Deciding to strike it out on your own and start a business seems like a very entrepreneurial thing to do. And in fact, once you start telling others about your plan, they’ll likely assume that you’re going to be an entrepreneur. And some may begin filling […]

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Record Number of Millennials Voluntarily Quitting Their Jobs

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Record Number of Millennials Voluntarily Quitting Their JobsThe recent job report showed a record number of job openings.  According to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Report, vacancies hit 7.14 million. While this is interesting for people looking for jobs, the report also showed some very interesting stats for Virtual Business Owners (VBOs). The quits […]

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Is Anxiety at Work Crippling You?

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Is Anxiety at Work Crippling You?I was talking to a fellow VBO (Virtual Business Owner) the other day.  She shared that she has anxiety when she is around other people. Being a Virtual Business Owner is very relaxing for her. As I thought more about her comments I realized we are all probably a little that […]

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