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VBOs are Hiring Other VBOs

A man and a woman working together on a laptop with paperwork

VBOs are Hiring Other VBOsWhen people think of freelancers, they often picture an independent contractor or a solopreneur striking it out on their own.It doesn’t always work like that. Freelancers are highly collaborative, and they work together to get jobs done. VBO Nation is a great example. We’re a community built for VBOs by VBOs. Everything you […]

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Five Freelancing Trends in 2019

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Five Freelancing Trends in 2019I’ve been freelancing for the last four years, but I did a short stint in a traditional job last year and quickly realized everything that I’d lost.I was no longer forging my own path. I was following a routine that didn’t provide me with the things I needed to do my best […]

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Record Number of Millennials Voluntarily Quitting Their Jobs

Woman waving hand out car window in pink shirt

Record Number of Millennials Voluntarily Quitting Their JobsThe recent job report showed a record number of job openings.  According to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Report, vacancies hit 7.14 million. While this is interesting for people looking for jobs, the report also showed some very interesting stats for Virtual Business Owners (VBOs). The quits […]

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Don’t Be A Turkey!

Male wild turkey strutting

Don’t Be A Turkey!Here’s a quick story for you.From the day it is born, the turkey is taken care of and fed.  In the last month before Thanksgiving, the portions actually increase. From the turkey’s perspective, life is good. It has been well taken care of, protected, and fed religiously. If it had to judge its […]

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Five Steps to Maximize Your Earnings

Blonde woman sitting in desk chair with one leg up working on laptop

Five Steps to Maximize Your EarningsSo, you’ve decided to charge an hourly rate as a VBO (Virtual Business Owner).The question is: How much should you charge? For VBOs that are early to the game, that seems to be a fairly simple question. “At my old job I made twenty bucks an hour, so that is what […]

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Starting A Next-Gen Business Today!

smiling african american man sitting on floor and talking by smartphone at home

Starting A Next-Gen Business Today! A New Kind of BusinessAbout five years ago, I had the idea to create a new kind of business. The strategy was fairly simple. I wanted to create tomorrow’s company today.  My new company would have:No OfficeNo EmployeesNo Outside InvestmentI wanted to leverage technology and the growing ranks of Virtual […]

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57 Million and Growing!

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57 Million and Growing! The VBO (Virtual Business Owner) movement is HUGE and growing.There are now over 57 million VBOs (Virtual Business Owners) in the U.S. By 2027 there will be more VBOs than workers. Regardless of whether you are in business or want to become a VBO, you’ll want to track this ground-shaking trend […]

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