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Me And My “Fake” Business

Six years ago I decided to launch a next-generation business. After having started, grown, and sold two venture capital-backed companies, I wanted to create a completely different kind of business.I wanted to create a business where I could work from anywhere I wanted to. I wanted to create a platform that allowed us to work with […]

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VBO vs Entrepreneur

VBO vs EntrepreneurVBOs are radically different from entrepreneurs.Here’s why.Deciding to strike it out on your own and start a business seems like a very entrepreneurial thing to do. In fact, once you start telling others about your plan, they’ll likely assume that you’re going to be an entrepreneur and some may begin filling your head […]

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Don’t Just Sell, Tell Your Brand Story

Don’t Just Sell, Tell Your Brand StoryEveryone loves a great story. Storytelling is one of humankind’s longest, most revered pastimes. Stories appeal to us because they intrigue us and they inspire us. They help us relate to one another in a visceral and emotional way. Stories aren’t just for entertainment.  ​They’re also powerful tools in business. Brand […]

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